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gocloud - writing data to a bucket: 403



We are writing some integration test using Go CDK. After writing some data to a bucket:

1	writer, err := buckOut.NewWriter(ctx, fileDst, nil)
2	if err != nil {
3		logger.Errorf("failed to write to fileDst: %v", err)
4		return err
5	}
6	defer writer.Close()

we got an error when reading:

1(code=NotFound): storage: object doesn't exist

By reading the documentation, I pay attention to this:

Closing the writer commits the write to the provider, flushing any buffers, and releases any resources used while writing, so you must always check the error of Close.


Terraform failed to acquire state lock: 403: Access denied., forbidden



We stored Terraform state in gcs. For some reasons, we got this error randomly when running on BitBucket pipelines:

 1 2│ Error: Error acquiring the state lock
 3 4│ Error message: 2 errors occurred:
 5* writing
 7│ failed: googleapi: Error 403: Access denied., forbidden
 8* storage: object doesn't exist
 9101112│ Terraform acquires a state lock to protect the state from being written
13│ by multiple users at the same time. Please resolve the issue above and try
14│ again. For most commands, you can disable locking with the "-lock=false"
15│ flag, but this is not recommended.


The King of Vietnamese language game show


My family likes to watch “The King of Vietnamese language” game show together. I want to encourage our son to love Vietnamese. At the end of the game, the player has to find 7 complex words from the letters, for e.g,

đ / ă / n / g / c / a / y

One evening a few weeks ago, while we were watching the final round, my wife suddenly came up with an idea: this game could be programmed.


How to send an HTTP request without using curl?



We are using JWT validation. For some reasons, when testing on staging, we got 401 error:

1[GIN] 2022/05/20 - 14:20:57 | 401 |    2.588128ms | | POST     "/v1/endpoint"


After looking at the source code, we need to set the operation_debug to true to see what caused that error:

12022/05/20 08:31:26 KRAKEND ERROR: [ENDPOINT: /v1/endpoint][JWTValidator] Unable to validate the token: should have a JSON content type for JWKS endpoint


Adele - Million years ago


Vừa lên xe thì nghe được đoạn guitar hay quá, vội lấy điện thoại ra ghi âm lại (sợ về nhà không Gúc ra bài gì). 25 tuổi mà bạn ấy viết lời hay thật đấy!

Adele - Million Years Ago (Acoustic Cover by Emir Taha)

I only wanted to have fun
Learning to fly, learning to run
I let my heart decide the way
When I was young

Deep down, I must have always known
That this would be inevitable


Mùi Tết


Chung cake Bánh Chưng rán… nước lọc.

Sáng 29

Những năm chưa covid, về sớm. Lang thang chợ hoa để chọn một cây quất: gốc ba chạc, quả xanh, quả chín, một ít lá non trên ngọn và nhất định phải có một vài nụ hoa. Đến mùng một, mùng hai nở là vừa đẹp.

Có năm còn nhờ U đi chợ mua một ít hạt kê, về ngâm nước ấm rồi đem rải ở dưới gốc. Chúng nảy mầm, mọc cao khoảng 1, 2 cm nhìn như cỏ thật.