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How to run a pipeline step only when pushing to a new branch?


GitHub sends push hook when pushing to a new branch and merging a PR. How can we distinguish between them?

We are running integration test by triggering a downstream build when a PR is merged into specific branches. In the downstream repository, we pull all the docker images which has been built and pushed from upstream. The thing is we also used the drone-convert-pathschanged to only publish what modules has been changed.

So, what happens when pushing to a new release-* branch?


How to trigger build steps based on modified directory?


Using monorepo with multiple micro services, every single commit will trigger a full lint/test/build/publish for every service. What can I do to limit the scope?

To do that, we can use git diff to show changes between commits:

 1  if [[ -n "${DRONE_PULL_REQUEST}" ]]; then
 2    most_recent_before="origin/${DRONE_TARGET_BRANCH}"
 3  elif [[ "${DRONE_BUILD_EVENT}" = "push" && ("${DRONE_COMMIT_BRANCH}" = "master" || "${DRONE_COMMIT_BRANCH}" = "release-"*) ]]; then
 4    if [[ "${DRONE_COMMIT_BEFORE}" = "$zero" ]]; then
 5      exit 0
 6    else
 7      most_recent_before="${DRONE_COMMIT_BEFORE}"
 8    fi
 9  fi
10  modified_files=$(git --no-pager diff --name-only "${DRONE_COMMIT_SHA}".."${most_recent_before}");